Archaic Writing/Wording

I noticed the funniest thing about the latest grammar and spelling software. The software now prompts writers to change terms such as aforementioned and therefore. The software labels the terms as “archaic wording” and “legal jargon.” What in the world? It’s just English. I find it disturbing that the “software used by many universities” tries to encourage people to phase out eloquent wording in favor of ??? Perhaps a teenager developed the latest software update. Shall we review the definitions of “archaic” as per the online dictionaries?

Very old or old-fashioned

No longer in everyday use but sometimes used to impart an old-fashioned flavor

Of an early period of art or culture, especially the 7th–6th centuries BC in Greece

Commonly used in an earlier time but rare in present-day usage except to suggest the older time, as in religious rituals or historical novels <—what?

I don’t consider myself young, but I don’t think I was around in 6th century BC. Lol, I’ve been using this “archaic” writing since my parents and teachers trained me to do such (starting at the age of 18 months). I’m not trying to “impart an old-fashioned flavor”; the wording is my flavor.

Therefore, I will keep using it.

Wow. I guess people will look at my children as if they have 10 heads because I teach them “archaic” writing, as well. In fact, I teach them several concepts and practices that are slowly being “phased out.”

Archaic: It reminds me of the term “awkward.”

I don’t pay anyone any mind anymore. I just write. I noticed that the software changed over the past few weeks, however. I thought the changes were rather awkward. Ha.

I think it’s time to visit Key West. I won’t be leaving today, but I will be leaving very soon. I have to ensure that I schedule the trip around church. I like Key West because it’s quiet, beautiful and peaceful. I like to take pictures.

Almost Broken

Last night was Bible study night. Today is a day that I will use to catch up with my writing work. I started the day with some Bible reading and prayer. I took some time out to speak with some organizations that were offering Christian counseling programs. Unfortunately, there are money-hungry institutions in the Christian-based educational realm, as well. Fortunately for me, I know what a degree program should cost.

It will probably take me seven years to get where I want to be, but that’s okay. The woman who counseled me was an older woman, so it’s fine. I just want to use my best skills to help people. I always wanted to help people, but apparently, I was going about it the wrong way. For one, I was “working with people” who had no desire to change their hearts or do “good acts” to other people.

Most of the folks I befriended or became “yoked together with” were only interested in taking things from me. Some tried to rob me of my dignity, self-respect, self-esteem, heart, love, emotional balance, etc. Therefore, I became this person who kept beating my head against a wall and losing parts of my true self with each person I tried to “help.” Additionally, I never stopped to get help for myself. I had it all figured out, or so I thought.

By the time 2012/2013 rolled around, I was almost broken into a million pieces. I still heard the “voice of light” when it told me I should not end my life. It was faint at that time, but I still heard it. Yes, and please don’t take it literally, as if I heard actual voices. You know what I’m talking about. It’s more like a feeling—a tug—a pull that influences me not do do something bad.

I knew that I seriously needed to call upon my Father to help me—to put me back together. You can think of me as a child who ran away from home and thought that I was “independent.” I was always a “good person,” and I had “good intentions,” but I wasn’t being obedient.

I didn’t want to have to run back to my “daddy” and admit that I was wrong and that I needed Him to let me come home, lol. Well, when I finally did do such a thing—He just hugged me and healed me. No questions asked.

I’m okay now, but I want to use the talents that He gave me to help others. Therefore, I’m searching for the right program so that I can actually obtain the appropriate credentials. Counseling only works if the subjects want to heal though. People who want to heal will seek certain counselors, and then those counselors can direct them toward the appropriate source. I’m ready to put everything into the years of studies. I have to finish the course I’m working on now, but I start when that course is over.

First Day in Class

The class that I went to last night ended up being extremely helpful. I am so glad that I picked that one. The content of the class was exactly what I was looking for. While I can’t discuss what the actual class members were talking about because of confidentiality issues, I can say that the discussions focused on a specific book. The book is called Life’s Healing Choices: Freedom from Your Hurts, Hang-Ups, and Habits by John Baker

Although I have not purchased a full copy of the book yet, it is definitely on my list. In fact, I may have to sneak to the Christian bookstore and see if I can find a physical copy of it. The book deals with random addictions and problems from a Biblical aspect; it is so correct on many levels. I could relate to the part about trying to play God. Unfortunately, I tried to play God many times in the past. I did it every time I tried to control a situation or person. I did it every time I felt that I didn’t need any help. I did it every time I tried to “punish” people for unjust or ungodly things that they did to me when I felt like I was an innocent victim. I did it by trying to change people.

I go to God for everything now, lol. I’m an obedient child! He will handle the wicked in His own time. I don’t need to exhaust myself trying to hit an imaginary gavel. That is so not my job!

The book is a really good Christ-centered book for people who have (or have had) any kind of addictions or bad habits. I used to have a codependency issue. Although I do not have anyone in my life beyond phone calls, and I have not exhibited unhealthy behaviors in a long time, it is still good to have constant reinforcement. One can never have enough armor on. I think I chose the perfect class.

J had a wonderful time with the children while I was in class, too. The women said that he was very helpful and friendly. However, he did become “supercharged” after they gave him three or four Nilla Wafers. Oops! I forget to mention those sugar issues, lol! He was hyper all the way home.

I won’t blog about anything that is confidential, but I have to know that it is confidential first. For example, I may discuss sermon material if I think the sermon is good or helpful. The church/pastor would need to tell me if it’s not supposed to be “out there.” I don’t use names or locations regardless.

I got eight hours of sleep last night. I’m up early trying to get back into the groove of steady write-for-pay. I guess I will be back tomorrow.

The Master Plan

I finally got myself situated and set up with some classes and studies that I want to attend for starters. There is an eight-week course that specifically reinforces healing, happiness and good habits. That class in on Monday nights, and it starts tonight, which is perfect. The other class is a Bible study for people from the same area, and that class happens on Sundays before the late service begins. Wednesday night will of course be my worship and praise night. So basically, I will be in church at least three days a week. I will conduct some personal evangelistic missions and some volunteer work, as well. I’ll do as much as I can do.

On February 1, I intend to pick up my medical coding studies. I must complete them by the end of May so that I can take the test and obtain my certification. Some at-home work may be available for me after that, and I strongly emphasize the word “may.” From there, I would like to work on obtaining Christian counseling certification. I do have a psychology degree, so I would just need to figure out which program I would need to take to obtain additional credentials. I do see a licensing program, but it’s semi-expensive. I will have to see what options they have for payment. That’s what my life’s plan is looking like so far. Boring huh?

I’m trying to work the gym in there somewhere because I do need my exercise. It helps to lift my spirits even more, and it keeps me in shape.

It appears that my writings have changed quite a bit over the past few months. I see some new people, but I also noticed that I lost some people. It happens. I don’t intend to be offensive, but this is what my life is all about now. I would like to thank anyone who joined me recently—and anyone who has not left, lol. Sorry if I didn’t say thank you earlier.

Good night.

What to Do with Former Acquaintences

One of the toughest things about living this lifestyle is when we learn that we cannot keep old friendships and acquaintances in many cases. We may struggle with “not wanting to offend anyone” and such thoughts. We may not want to appear “snooty.” We may even think that we are being Christ-like by spending time with some of our old acquaintances. However, we have to draw the line when those acquaintances are not going in the same direction that we are going in. We can’t go backwards, so sometimes we have to make the tough decision of continuing our journeys without some of our former friends and acquaintances.

Several people have challenged me recently. Some of them have challenged me by intentionally throwing old and expired things in my face. I thought such actions were rather hateful, but I just blessed them and moved on, lol. Others have suggested friendly meetings that left me wondering if they were ever really my friends. I’m not sure if they just wanted to be around me to see if my changes were for real, or if they just wanted to poke fun at me and/or my faith. I don’t want to believe that some of them may have been trying to cause me to stumble, but such could be the case. Some of them don’t understand how I refuse to do things now that I may have done in the past.

Well, some of the things I did in the past were downright UNacceptable. Let me clarify that now. I was never “okay” with those things. However, when certain people suffer years of various abuses and devastation, and they expose themselves to too much vulgarity, they can become “numb” to all the ungodly stuff that is going on around them.

They may truly intend to shed love and light on other people, but they can end up being dragged down if they don’t have the support they need. Additionally, if they don’t read the Bible, go to church, pray every day and so forth, they sort of turn their backs to the Lord even though they don’t mean to. They put Him on the back burner for some such human idols that they adore.

My hardships started when I was very young, and my spirit/soul suffered from each abusive person/vulgar person that I met. For example, I never even used profanity until I was 19 or 20, and I exposed myself to a husband who cussed like a sailor. I didn’t know that he had certain problems until after I married him.

He was Catholic, but he participated in various activities that God did not appreciate. To make it worse, this person would try to give me sermons in the middle of the night that spoke harshly against various violations—but he frequently broke almost every violation that he spoke of, LOL! Imagine my young and sheltered confusion. He was 15 years my senior, by the way. This cat was my “spiritual leader” for many years. Let’s just say that our marriage needed to be officially “annulled.” Life got worse for me from there.

Did I think it was “cool” or okay to use profanity? Absolutely not, but it was being fed into my ears on a daily basis by the man I married. Eventually, it started coming out of my mouth. He was “feeding me” many other not-so-healthy things, as well.

I no longer use profanity, and my ears are highly sensitive to such things.

It seems as if the more I suffered abuse and exposed myself to certain things, the more I acted out in inappropriate ways. Every time I did something wrong, I separated myself from God more, as well. My shame and pride kept me from asking for the help and forgiveness that I needed. Additionally, I missed certain steps of faith because of miscommunication within my family.

The me of today is who I really am, and she’s who I was meant to be. I’m that girl that I used to be before I got sucked into the world and battered by various evil entities. I am not snooty, holier than thou or anything of the like. However, I am not going to conduct activities that are against my God ever again unless it’s by mistake. In such a case, I will repent and ask for forgiveness ASAP.

The “old numb me” is dead and gone. I can no longer expose myself to vulgarity, profanity and things that are against His wishes. I think that someone who wants to place me intentionally in such a situation is not a friend of mine. There’s a difference between asking for help and support and intentionally putting me in a bad situation. That isn’t fair, and when put in such a situation, I will choose Christ every time. If it means that I can’t spend time with old acquaintances anymore, then so be it.

There is no reason for anyone to be envious, hateful or demeaning. I suffered a hard life before I got where I am, and I intend to enjoy the remainder of my existence. People beat up on me for decades, and I finally realized that I couldn’t handle such things on my own. The thing is that every person can have the same exact sense of peace and fulfillment that I have. Everyone can have eternal life, as well. It doesn’t cost anything, but you do have to request it and accept it. Additionally, you will have to stop doing things that you know are against God’s wishes. Don’t be mad at me for doing such, or for believing in something that you don’t believe in.